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We believe the way our customers view us is the reflection of our quality therefore we at Retailbackup.com do our best to serve and satisfy our customers.

We owe our ever growing success to our customers and partners.


Customer Testimonials
Betsey Johnson, New York

Retailbackup.com offers worry-free service. Although we have our own IT department, it feels good to leave our data backup function in the hands of specialized and highly experienced people of Retailbackup.com. They backup our data on a nightly bases. When there has been a problem, we have received personal phone calls to let us know that backup did not go well or missed a file. It is great to know that someone is literally monitoring our backup to make sure we are backed up at all times. Additionally, Retailbackup support team have helped us solve a very difficult polling problem, due to our internal and wide area network issues, in our retail point-of-sale software. Thank you guys and thank you Retailbackup!

Brian Smith
Director of Information Technology
S. Feldman House Wares, Inc., New York

Hi Chet,
I just wanted to let you know that I recommended Retailbackup.com to one of my retailer friends yesterday. He has Retail Pro.
We were talking about how dependent on our computers we have become and I mentioned that I saved 30 minutes every night by having our files automatically backed-up, and that I didn't have to worry about something happening to the disc drive we used to use for back-up. As you know we switched to the RetailSafe - Online after all the problems we had with the tape drives and CD backups. Now that there is no drive, I'm much, much happier. One less thing to worry about.
Anyhow, I hope he calls you soon.

Best regards,
Scott Goldsmith
S. Feldman House Wares, Inc.
1304 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10128

Surfside Sports, CA

We recently purchased Retailbackup.com remote backup service, RetailSafe-online, so we could back up our important data off site.
The reason we did this was to have peace of mind knowing that if our machines were stolen or damaged; we would still have our data.
Recently we mysteriously lost important valuable and necessary data vital to running our business.
After conversing with the tech support of Retail Pro, POS software we were using; he asked us if we had a backup of the corrupted and lost files.
Sure enough we did; and we simply pasted our good back up file that was backed up by Back UP Nation; and we were good to go.
This 1 incident paid for the service by itself.
Back Up Nation gives our business peace of mind.
If our files for some reason do not back up correctly; we always immediately get a phone call from a Retailbackup.com Retail Pro backup specialist specialist and our problem is remedied.

Thank you Retailbackup.com!

Mike Burns
E Commerce Director
Surfside Sports
Newport Beach, CA
Killer Dana, CA

Recently our servers along with some peripherals were stolen from our companyís server room. We had been backing-up our data to tapes and CDs. We kept our backup tapes and CDs in a box next to the servers. I know if we had still been backing up to tapes or CDs, all our backups would have been gone too. This would have been devastating to our business. We would have lost all our accounting, inventory and customized application data.

Thanks to a business partners referral to Retailbackup.com we were able to save all of our data at such a small cost compared to what we would have lost. Our decision to work with Retailbackup.com literally saved our business!

Retailbackup.com is a business saver!

Thank you for your prompt response and hard work in helping us restore very import part of our lives

Jamie Ivins
Operations Manager
Killer Danna, Inc.
San Juan Capistrano, CA

We relay on retailbackup.com for all of our Retail Pro and accounting data backup. With RetailSafe we no longer have any worries of taking a backup off site or monitoring backup every day. Retailbackup.com is doing a great job doing all that for us.

Thank you RetailBackup.com.

Jamie @ True Religion Jeans
Operations Manager.
Kenco Retail Co, New York

My experience with Retail Safe - Online of Retailbackup.com for my Retail Pro data has been an enjoyable one. I was helped the whole way, from installing to checking the logs of the backups. The best part is that the Retail Backup specialists monitor our backups and call us right a way if they detect any backup errors. I am always getting check-up calls as well. Hey, one less function to worry about. I tell you, It feels great.  Iím glad I was steered to RetailSafe - Online by my Retail Pro business partner, One Step Data because Iíve been looking for a backup service just like Retail Safe Online for a long long while now.

Kenco Retail Co.
Gabriel Sanchez
System Administrator
Partner Testimonials


Retailbackup.com is the best backup system I have worked with, in my 15 years of computer consulting. The reason is the personal attention my customers and I get. For example, one of my customers was backing up the wrong data. The management team at Retailbackup.com saw that, contacted the customer, and got them to configure the software correctly. No tape system will do that! Thatís just one of many reasons (including reliability, stability, and security) that I both use and recommend Retailbackup.com to everyone!

Dan Jablons
One Step Data, Inc.
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To ensure our customersí data is secure and safe we only use Retailbackup.com.
Retailbackup.com's Backup application, RetailSafe-Online, is specialized in backing up Retail Pro data as well as monitoring the backup of detrimental components and files of retail pro, such as:

Inventory files
Customer files
Sales history
Customized credit card processing files
Accounting files..

RetailSafe-Online ensures the quality of our customers' data backup.
There are lots of portions of Retail pro that are customized and when they are lost, restoring those files in matter of minutes is very important and cost saving for our customers.

By using RetailSafe-Online , our customers eliminate human error and traditional backup technology and their short comings.
Their customer support staff is available immediately.
Thanks to Retailbackup.com we can reinforce to our customers that their business is our business.

Tejas Sanghavi
Retail Information Systems
2555 West hollow Dr.
Houston, TX 77082"



I would like to add:
Our decision to recommend Retailbackup to all our clients stems from the hurricane Katrina disaster.
For years we had been recommending and selling tape backup systems insisting that our clients backup daily and a least once a week take a tape off site for added security.
Katrina was so incredibly devastating that many of our business partners not only lost their data when their businesses literally blown away but also their backup /backup data when their homes were destroyed as well.

If our business partners had been using Retailbackup.com at that time this never would have been an issue or concern. After Katrina we knew we needed to look for a faster, better and more secure, reliable and robust technology to recommend to our business partners concerning backing up their data. Our search lead us to Retailbackup.com and since partnering with them we have been extremely satisfied.

David Alston

Retail Information Systems
2555 West hollow Dr.
Houston, TX 77082"