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We at Retailbackup.com are working very hard to improve our products and services, our relationships and social investments for the future. Every step of the way we are more proud of our achievements and more helpful to our customers then ever. Some of our efforts are enjoyed internally in our organization and some, we want to share with all of you who support our journey. Our partners release their thoughts of us in a press release, news letters to their customers or in their blogs from time to time as well. We will keep adding to our list below.



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Paul Van Kleef
One Step Retail Solutions
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One Step Retail Solutions Partners with Retail Backup to Offer Retailers Niche Point of Sale Backup Services

 World’s largest Retail Pro service provider One Step Retail Solutions is teaming up with Retail Backup to offer Retailers a back up system designed specifically for the Retail industry.

 Los Angeles, CA –January 30, 2008 – One Step Retail Solutions is partnering up with Retail Backup to provide to all of its clients a new level of service that will concentrate on the retail industry. Currently there is no Retail Back up service provider for specifically retailers and Retail Backup is looking to fill in the gap with their product. 

Retail Backup works differently then other Backups because it was designed to work specifically with Retail Pro and smoothly protect email, asset information, cash register computers, desktops and laptops. It has a patent pending management system that was designed to ensure secure POS data capture, transmission and reduction technologies.  It focuses on point of sale system backup and recovery.  Retail Backup has advanced POS data handling so its data capture and storage are very efficient.  Its POS Data can be accessed via a web browser anytime and from anywhere.  o:p>

Kevin McAdam of One Step Retail Solutions has been using Retail Backup for years with his client’s he states, “Retailbackup.com is the best backup system I have worked with, in my years of computer consulting. The reason is the personal attention my customers and I get.  For example, one of my customers was backing up the wrong data. The management team at Retailbackup.com saw that, contacted the customer, and got them to configure the software correctly.” “No tape system will do that!”

A Retail Back up user Jamie from Killer Dana Corp says “Recently our servers along with some peripherals were stolen from our company’s server room.” “We would have lost all our accounting, inventory and customized application data.”  “Thanks to a Retailbackup.com we were able to save all of our data at such a small cost compared to what we would have lost.

About One Step Retail Solutions: One Step Retail Solutions (One Step Data) is one of the nation’s leading resellers of point of sale / inventory control systems for retailers and is the nation’s #1 reseller of Retail Pro. The company is a founding member of the Retail Technology Resources Group (RTRG) and has been servicing the technology needs of the small to mid-size retailer since 1985. It is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. with offices in Los Angeles and New York. Website: www.onestepretail.com.

Paul Van Kleef
PR Manager
One Step Retail Solutions
(866) 617-8181 ext. 4164