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Retailbackup has been protecting business critical DATA of Retail Stores since 2003. With over ten years of such experience we do know how to protect POS data. And that is just what we do.

   Scheduled Automatic Backup.

   Backup as many times as you wish.

   Restore as many times as you wish.

   Free Technical Support.

Data Backup & Recovery
What is Retail Safe?

Retail Safe is an Internet- based data protection service that is specialized in backing up POS Data. Retailers can routinely backup and recover their data using our secured and trusted servers on the internet. 
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Who is Retail Safe for?

Retail Safe service is designed specifically to protect  POS Data. Whatever POS system you may have Retail Safe is just for you. Protecting Retail Data such as Inventory, Customer Data, Sales History, Credit Card Processing files, Accounting files...
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How does Retail Safe Work?

Retail Safe - Online is designed to transfer your data to our secure servers on the internet with one of the best security encryption methods in the world... 
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How do I get started with Retail Safe?

Registering with Retailbackup is like a drop in a bucket. You can start backing up in less then 5 minutes. Easy to register, easy to install and easy to get started. 
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