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   Feburary 2008

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A Word from Scott Kreisberg, CEO


Welcome to 2008! This year is going to be a great year and we hope to help your company flourish and prosper!


This past month One Step Retail Solutions attended the National Retail Federations "Big Show" in NYC and show cased the new Retail Pro version 9 to the public.


We also released a very informative whitepaper “Keeping Up with Retail Technology to Increase Profits and Customer Satisfaction”. This whitepaper gives you advice as the retailer to meet the challenges of today’s industry.


At the closing of last month four executives from One Step Retail Solutions including me gathered to speak on a webinar “How Retailers Can Maximize Profits in the New Year”. This was another great way to help out our customers with expert advice in preparation for the upcoming year!


Like I have said in the past, our purpose is to improve how retailers run their business by using technology to boost efficiencies and collect valuable information that can help them make the right business decisions.


We give each retailer personalized attention and ensure the technology they chose fits their individual business needs.   This is the purpose of my company, and I enjoy helping you each and everyday.




Scott Kriesburg

CEO One Step Retail Solutions



Just released NEW informative Whitepaper for Retailers!

January has been a busy month at One Step Retail Solutions and one of the long awaited items this year is the new retail whitepaper “Keeping Up with Retail Technology to Increase Profits and Customer Satisfaction”.

In this white paper by One Step Retail Solutions, it identifies how to meet today's retail challenges and achieve increased productivity through retail point of sale solutions. Read about how to use retail technology to open the path for growth:

  • Increase accuracy in predicting demand and finding the right merchandising to capitalize on that demand
  • Eliminate the guesswork out of what your customer wants
  • Utilize POS to maximize profits and customer retention
  • Drive revenue growth by enhancing the customer experience

This white paper addresses retail owners, executives and technology managers, examining the potential benefits and applications of point of sale software to enhance store operations.

In a 2007 Gartner report, “POS applications have moved well beyond the automation of everyday retail sales transactions. For retailers, a POS system is mission-critical and the primary source of information on customer transactions and provides a view of how well they’re performing.” The report further states “POS data is used to predict market conditions, to monitor store performance and to forecast customer spending.”

Click HERE to Download your copy of “Keeping Up with Retail Technology to Increase Profits and Customer Satisfaction” whitepaper.



Track the Performance Ratio of Different Product Categories

By Steven B. Rudner

An essential part of inventory management, is knowing how well each product category is doing in your store. One way of determining a performance rating is to analyze dollar sales related to available space used. These figures can give you very definite guidelines to product development and increase your profitability.


Knowledge is Power

Tracking product category performance can reap great rewards. It will help you maximize the profitability or your space, giving the most space to the current moneymakers

Retail Pro can produce the data needed to create a spread sheet to determine the performance ratio as it relates to lineal footage and sales.


Click here to Contact our systems consultant to maximize your Retail Pro preformance.



CEO and other top executives from One Step Retail discuss how to maximize profits in 2008 during hour long webinar

In a rare webinar event, “How Retailers Can Maximize Profits in the New Year” this past January 24th leading experts from One Step Retail Solutions discussed the impact that retail technology will have for retailers in 2008.

Featured retail experts from One Step Retail Solutions included CEO Scott Kreisberg, VP Operations Peter Pishko, VP Sales Kevin McAdam, and Director of Technical Services Charles Wood.

“Today’s point of sale retail technology is a major factor that can impact the way retailers do business,” says Kevin McAdam. “When retailers know the full use of the technology, they end up reshaping the way they manage their retail operations and are able to compete with the big boys,” McAdam reports.

A copy of this webinar will be going up onto the One Step Retail Solutions website for the public to view by Feburary 15, 08. If you are interested in this informative webinar please click the link below.

Click here to download a copy of the Webinar


Author of joke


A Back up designed just for Retail Stores, Retail Backup

One Step Retail Solutions has teamed up with Retail Backup to supply retailers a backup system that is designed with the retailer in mind.

RetailSafe by Retail Backup is built specifically to protect and manage POS data such as;

  • Inventory
  • Customer Data
  • Sales History
  • Customized credit card porcessing files
  • customized print layout
  • Receipt layouts files
  • Accounting files

    Jamie is an executive from a Jeans manufactorer and he states, "We relay on for all of our Retail Pro and accounting data backup". "With RetailSafe we no longer have any worries of taking a backup off site or monitoring backup every day." " is doing a great job for us".

RetailSafe also protects email, system configuration, asset information, and system integrity of Servers, Cash Register Computers, Desktops and Laptops, regardless of where they are located.

RetailSafe focuses on:

  • POS System Backup and Recovery—Fast, easy, and secure data protection and accessibility, 24/7/365
  • Advanced POS Data Handling—Ultra-efficient Data capture and Data storage
  • POS Data Web Restore—Access to data via web browser at anytime and from anywhere.

RetailSafe encrypts and compresses POS data before it sends it to trusted and secured Retailbackup Servers. Once the data arrives to Retailbackup Servers, it is stored in encrypted and compressed form (see how it works).

The foundation of the solution is its patent pending management system to ensure POS data capture, transmission and reduction technologies.

Click here to contact your sales rep regarding purchasing Retail Backup for your location.  

Click here for more information on Retail Backup.



Will Retail Pro run on a Mac?

No. Retail Pro is programmed for and tested on IBM-compatible PCs. PC programs will not run on a mac, in general. Please read below for exceptions:

1. While there are PC emulator software programs for the mac, not all PC programs will run under the emulator, and the speed at which the programs will run would be too slow to be usable.

2. Macs are now shipping with Windows XP installed in a dual boot fashion. Although you can install Retail Pro on the Windows partition, a lot of features, such as the scheduler, have not been tested or approved to work with the Mac hardware. Specifically, polling by scheduler has been found not to work

NOTE: Even if you can get Retail Pro running on a macintosh using one of the above two methods, this type of set-up wouldn't be supported.


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